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Both holiday and treatment

A total of 1,700,000 tourists come to Turkey every year to take advantage of health tourism.

Turkey has now also become an important country in health tourism. A growing number of patients from all over the world are opting for private health facilities in Turkey.

The patients are treated by world famous Turkish Surgeons who use the most modern methods that also cost much less than in Europe.

More than 500,000 patients come every year from Europe and the US who use Turkish medicine.

Many foreign patients prefer Turkish hospitals in various fields of medicine . Including: Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, Eye Surgery, In Vitro Fertilization, Cardiac Surgery, General Check Up, Cancer Treatments, Dialysis, Cardiovascular Surgery, Gynecology, Tumor Surgery, Brain Surgery, Orthopedics and Dentistry.

The patients and their families not only receive health services physically and mentally but also make the most of the region's historical and tourism resources.

The spa and thermal centers in Turkey offer beauty and health with medicinal methods dating back to the Roman period.

The patients from all over the world will not only recover their physical and mental health, but also experience the guidance and hospitality of Turkish medicine with their state-of-the-art technology.

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In the world, the number of people going abroad for health is increasing.  Affordable price, professional and quality service, wanting to see different cultures and natural beauties that play an important role in people's preferences.
Turkey has paid more attention to health tourism in recent years.  Turkey has become one of the few countries in the world in this field.  Turkey, geographical structure, climate, natural resources and cheap and high-quality health care attract the attention of many countries.
Turkish hospitals are closely monitoring developments in the US and Europe.  Turkish doctors are followed with the success of the countries in the world.
In 2010, the top secret US medical tourism company Medretreat, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey and North Africa, indicated the quality of people's health services and the exotic destinations they can do.  The main factors for people to choose these countries are their companies in the international medical tourism industry, their experience and high quality of service.

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This is what we offer

Many patients who choose their  undergoing treatments abroad often ignore the guarantee status of their treatments.  Likewise, many outpatient clinics waive​​ from showing the terms and conditions of the warranty they provide.  Worldwide it is for a  clinic is not legally obliged to guarantee their treatment.  However, one of the most important points to consider before having your treatments performed is the warranty coverage of the treatments to be performed.
A simple note called a 5 year warranty does not provide detailed information about the actual warranty coverage.
  Polyclinics  accept  it as an indispensable principle to give you confidence in your treatments with a genuine guarantee document written in an easy-to-understand language and clearly stating all the conditions.  All terms and conditions covered by the warranty are clearly stated.  We offer one of the most comprehensive guarantees that any surgical clinic in Turkey has to offer.  Our team of doctors,  dentists, oral surgeons, prosthesis specialists and technicians will ensure that your treatment is carried out in the shortest possible time and to the highest standard.

Our Clinics  do not only offer long-term guarantees, if you return to Turkey in any way in exchange for your  treatment, where we will meet one of them.

Below you can see the warranty coverage and warranty periods of the treatments.



The implants used in our outpatient clinic are  lifetime  guaranteed  against breakage and falls  .  The specialty implants we use have a success rate of 98% and above.



Zirconium, E-Max and metal-based porcelain coatings are subject to a  Guarantee  by  5 years  against breakage, cracks and falls  .  For simple restorations and applications that can be solved in your own country, our clinic pays  An  one-off  repair cost of  100 €  .
(Valid for patients who have had 6 or more coatings.)



Laminated applications have a 2 year warranty against breakage, tearing and drops. For simple restorations and applications that can be solved in your own country, our clinic pays a one-time repair cost of 100 €. (Valid for patients who have had 6 or more coatings.)



Depending on the treatment, the clinics will always give a guarantee because we only work with clinics and doctors who have the health certificate from the government!
Through this certification it is very important for you as a patient to know that all treatments are done under government supervision and according to international health standards.

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International Health Certificate

Delivered by the government!
All our clinics meet this standard!

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