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Our dental outpatient clinic

In addition to its 40 years of experience and knowledge in the sector, it offers its patients high-quality, fast and economical treatments with the latest technological devices, young and dynamic expert staff, modern and hygienic facilities.

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Before coming to Antalya, you can make your treatment plan, get detailed information about treatments and budget, send us your current mouth X-ray by filling the form below or you can send it via WhatsApp to +90 535 606 67 89  to steer.
After your X-ray has been examined, your treatment plan will be prepared by our specialist doctors and sent to you with details.

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Before your treatment, we ask you to contact us first.
After examining your data, our doctors will determine the most suitable treatment for you.
  After our consultants have communicated the estimated price, your appointment will be scheduled with your approval.

That's why we introduce you to our doctor before we come to Turkey.  After this procedure, you can consult our doctors about all matters related to the treatment.  In this way, the communication between doctor and patient starts before your treatment and when you enter treatment, your doctor can start your treatment trajectory immediately.

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Thanks to our method  your treatment is largely determined in your own country.  If your doctor thinks you need some tests, we'll deliver  you this information in such a way that you can do it in your own country.  The main advantage of this method is that you need to know your budget before coming to Turkey for treatment.  So there are no extra costs for you.

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Contact us without obligation

Please provide a brief description of which treatment you would like to receive information about.

WhatsApp or direct +90 535 606 67 89

Thanks for submitting!

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