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Parodontale therapie: Afbeelding

Periodontal therapy

Periodontology is a branch of dentistry concerned with protecting the health of soft tissues, such as gums around implants placed to replace natural teeth or lost teeth, and hard tissues such as jawbone that support both teeth and implants, and to the continuity of health after treatment.

Department of Periodontology, which strives for the continuity of the health status obtained after diagnosis, treatment and treatment of the diseases of the tissues supporting the teeth on the one hand and the teeth on the other;

  • The cementum tissue that forms the outermost layer in the root of the tooth

  • Alveolar bone tissue that covers the root of the tooth

  • Periodontal ligament fiber group that acts as a connection between the root portion of the tooth and the bone portion

  • The mucous layer around the tooth roots and around the alveolar bone, namely the gums

On the other hand, it covers a broad field that plays a role in the diagnosis of oral diseases caused by hormonal, systemic and genetic diseases and in the treatment of gum disease.

Specialists from  our  Oral and Dental Health Outpatient Clinic  treat complaints such as changing gum color or gum recession as the first symptom immediately, and prevent potentially more serious problems with early diagnosis and treatment methods.

Tooth loss can occur without tooth decay due to inflammation or periodontitis of the soft or hard tissues that support the teeth.
Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic includes
  initial periodontal treatment, re-evaluation, advanced periodontal treatment and maintenance treatment methods applied to minimize tooth loss in patients.

  • In the treatment of gum growth

  • Treatment of alveolar bone loss

  • In applications such as bone grafting

  • In the treatment of gum recessions

  • In providing gum aesthetics

  • It works in implant applications.

Parodontale therapie: Service
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