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Orthodontie: Afbeelding


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Our Dental Health Polyclinic  offers its patients continuous and uninterrupted treatments thanks to its full-time orthodontic specialist.
Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that involves the treatment process of both abnormally ordered teeth, incompatibilities between the upper and lower jaws, and jaw developmental disorders.
Orthodontic dentistry, which also means a good tooth;  He is also particularly interested in the correct placement of teeth on the dentin (alveolar crests) and the diagnosis and treatment of oral, jaw and facial abnormalities.
Orthodontics also examines whether the lower and upper jaws are compatible with each other and with the face and teeth.
Orthodontic application can be used for different purposes depending on the patient's condition and disease.  These purposes include protective orthodontics, stop orthodontics and therapeutic orthodontic applications.  Targeted developments in each of these applications;  It can be expressed as the regulation of chewing, speech and respiratory functions, the normalization of the tooth, jaw and facial structure in an aesthetic and functional sense, and permanent treatment.
The orthodontic treatment method is divided into three parts as fixed, mobile or invisalign bracket-free orthodontic treatment methods, depending on the patient's condition and the method of application.

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Orthodontie: Afbeelding

Fixed Orthodontic Treatment Method

It is an orthodontic method of treatment that uses devices fixed to the area of application. In this treatment method, braces (corrugated metal material) are attached to the teeth and the treatment process is started by attaching a wire through the grooves of this brace.

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Movable Orthodontic Treatment

The removable orthodontic treatment method uses aids that the patient can put on and take off. In general, this mobile treatment is preferred for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Orthodontie: Tekst

Invisalign Bracesless Orthodontic Treatment

The invisalign bracket-free orthodontic treatment method, which is mainly used in the treatment of crowded teeth, completes the treatment process with materials that consist of a glossy surface that is not visible from the outside and does not distort the aesthetic appearance. Invisalign braces-free orthodontics aims to position teeth effectively, accurately and quickly by applying gentle pressure to the teeth with a movable elastic material during application.

Orthodontie: Tekst
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Orthodontie: Afbeelding
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