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Radiography and monitoring

At the service of our outpatient clinic, with X-ray and imaging activities, on the one hand, problems in the teeth and jaw can be detected and on the other hand, the stages of the treatment process can be followed with close observation and final results can be achieved.
Especially with very little special production in Turkey, "
  Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D  a big difference in treatment and diagnosis.

These X-ray and imaging activities can accurately identify bruising, bone loss, and root canal problems undetected during the exam and provide definitive results in procedures such as orthodontic treatment and implant placement.

Radiografie en monitoring: Service

Within our Outpatient Clinic, X-ray and imaging activities are generally successfully performed with dental radiology and imaging, 3D tomography, digital panoramic X-rays and intraoral camera.

With X-ray and imaging activities;

  • Accurate detection of rotten spots that cannot be detected during the examination

  • Diagnosis of caries, cracks or other problems occurring in the lower part of existing filling teeth

  • Detection of bone loss caused by gum disease

  • Identification of root canal disorders, such as infection or death of dental nerves

  • Implant preparation and follow-up of the application processes for orthodontic treatments

  • Observation of variables in the course of cyst, oral cancer and both metabolic and systemic diseases

  • Tooth development and growth in children

stages are accurately determined and so dentists produce fast and effective solutions in the treatment of problems.

With advancing technology in oral and dental treatment methods, the scope of application is expanding rapidly and helping dentists find both quick and effective solutions. Intervention can be performed and the criteria can be reached at the stage of diagnosis before treatment, in terms of whether the procedures performed during the treatment process are successful and whether the procedure performed after treatment is permanent or beneficial.


With a perfectly designed 3D cylinder volume of 8 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height and a native resolution of 160 μm, ORTHOPHOS XG 3D is tailored to the daily routine of the practice: it can include the entire jaw of the patient in the image at once .  The field of view is large enough to avoid merging multiple 3D X-rays, thus avoiding multiple radiation exposure.  It is also small enough to save time in diagnosis.

Choose 5 x 5.5 cm VOL 2 with a resolution of 100 µm, even if a smaller volume is sufficient.  When you want to see more, the 3D module offers more security.  In all standard cases, the 2D module of ORTHOPHOS XG 3D provides the X-ray images you need, with comprehensive panoramic and cephalometric X-ray programs.

  • Stunning picture quality with ASTRA (2D), MARS (3D) and High Definition (HD) mode

  • Three different scan volumes for dose reduction and timely diagnosis

  • High Resolution - HD (160/100 µm)

  • Auto-ranging sensors for operational 2D and 3D scanning

  • Automatic patient positioning for accurate panoramic X-rays

Radiografie en monitoring: Tekst
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