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Root canal treatment

Endodontics is the branch of science in which all canal treatments are applied in the context of oral and dental health.  Endodontics, which deals with the problems that develop into the tooth pulp and takes on the treatment of these problems, is a special treatment method that is applied to prevent the problem teeth from being pulled.

None of the artificial teeth are as healthy and durable as natural teeth.  For this reason, attempts are made to preserve natural teeth until the last minute with the applied treatment methods.  Root canal treatment is the most commonly used treatment method to preserve teeth.

Root canal treatment  is becoming  applied in seven different phases by the experts at  Ballıpınar Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic  .  These applications are as follows;

  • Identification of the problematic tooth by radiography

  • If the tooth is still alive, local anesthesia is used to eliminate the sensitivity of both the tooth and the surrounding tissues of the tooth.

  • Creating a cavity to reach the pulp portion of the tooth by cleaning the decay in the enamel and dentin layers in the visible portion of the tooth.

  • Determination of the tooth treatment process using modern medical equipment and finalization using radiography

  • Destruction or removal of infected dentin layers and microorganisms in the root canal with rotary instrument systems used in oral and dental health

  • Destruction of microorganisms with various root canal disinfectants in root canals

  • If the tooth is not alive when the treatment process is started, the treatment process is completed in two separate sessions.  In the first session, canal antiseptic is placed in the root canal.  In the second session, the root canals are filled.

With the canal treatment application, the goal is to prevent the infection from recurring and to eliminate the damage in the surrounding tissues of the affected tooth by disconnecting the tooth from which the surgery is being performed.

After the root canal treatment, which is performed under local anesthetic and therefore you do not feel any pain during the treatment, a feeling of pain may arise​​ on the tooth itself or when pressing the tooth, especially in the first three days.  This situation can be remedied by protecting the tooth within a few days.

With the application of  Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic Root  Canal Treatment, the success rate achieved in making teeth usable is about ninety percent.

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